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Heart of a Killer - David Rosenfelt In 'Heart of a Killer,' David Rosenfelt combines his many talents -- writing great dialogue, plots with great twists, and a wry sense of humor -- to end up with a book that is difficult to put down.

The plot is unique. A woman convicted of murdering her husband wants to die so that she can donate her heart to her daughter, who will die without a heart transplant. Jamie Wagner is the unfortunate attorney who is handed the pro-bono (free) case by his employers.

Jamie doesn't feel so unfortunate when he falls for Sheryl, the imprisoned mother, who confessed to the murder. He also realizes that there's more to the whole murder business than she admits to. Jamie comes to believe that she didn't murder her husband.

It turns out that the detective on the scene of the murder always doubted her confession. The facts just didn't add up.

At the same time, the reader is introduced to a really bad guy. His disregard for human life makes him one of the baddest guys Rosenfelt has ever written about. Of course, he is involved in the murder, and Jamie is on the scene to figure it all out.

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