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Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles) - Alex Flinn 'Bewitching' by Alex Flinn is yet another wonderful retelling of several well-loved fairy tales from the author of 'Beastly' the book and the movie.

This book features Kendra, the witch from 'Beastly' who curses Kyle so he's changed into a beast until love saves him.

In 'Bewitching,' Kendra explains how she found out she's a witch, a bit about her childhood, and how she passes the time (since witches live forever and can only be killed by burning).

High school is a natural place for witches, according to Kendra. And since she's been banned from many (practically all) countries, America is her country of choice at the moment.

Flinn choses to tell the story in a series of flashbacks, all narrated in first person narrative by different characters. At first, it's a little disconcerting, but the reader quickly adjusts to hearing the different voices of Doria, the mermaid (yes, the mermaid); the princess in 'The Princess and the Pea'; and Emma in 'Cinderella' (the twist being that Emma is the stepsister).

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