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Born Wicked - Jessica Spotswood After reading "Born Wicked" (the Cahill Witch Chronicles) by Jessica Spotswood, one realizes that there's a new star (of the author variety) on the horizon.

"Born Wicked" is, pardon the pun, wickedly brilliant. The setting is America, but an altered continent.

There are 13 states in New England, all of which were once controlled by witches, and New London is one of the large cities. Mexico City is a shopping mecca, Indo-China has settled the western half of America and Spain has colonized the South.

New England was first founded by witches, and witches from all over the world moved there in droves. Ironically, after the witches promised religious freedom to all, the fundamentalists revolted, burned most of the witches, and took over. Now the "Brotherhood" control everything and women are chattel.

Other places, like Dubai (of all places), offer women the chance to study, wear pants, and have careers. Where the Cahill sisters live, if they even act strangely, they are at risk of being sent to an asylum or to hard labor on a ship.

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