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Legend - Marie Lu "Legend" by Marie Lu puts her right up at the top of the Young Adult Writer of the Year list. Actually, I don't know if such a list exists, but if it did, she would be on it.

"Legend" is set in a dystopian society. America is divided into different "countries," one of which is the Republic, controlled by the Elector Primo. The class structure is rigid and cruel, and children endure a "trial" through which their futures are determined.

The children from the wealthy class have their futures assured. But it's supposed to be fair, and if a child shows promise in the trials, he or she is guaranteed more education and a good job.

Day, one of the protagonists in the story doesn't believe in the fairy tale. He knows better. And he's a rebel through and through.

June, the other protagonist, is a superstar in intelligence and athletics. She lives with her brother (both parents died), and wants to follow in his shoes and work for the government.

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