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Midnight in Austenland: A Novel - Shannon Hale Midnight in Austenland: the Novel by Shannon Hale is the second book about Austenland, a magical place where the company is genteel and romance is guaranteed.

Although the place will be familiar to readers of Austenland, this book is definitely a stand-alone story. Of course, after enjoying Midnight in Austenland, a reader new to the elegant Pembrook Park (where time stands still) will certainly want to read the first book about it.

Successful businesswoman Charlotte Kinder, who has been unsuccessful in love, decides to treat herself to a vacation there. Extremely unhappy because of a recent divorce and because her relationship with her teenage daughter seems to be deteriorating, she is unable to relax and enjoy herself -- at least in the beginning.

Once she finds a dead body in a secret room, the possibility that there was a murder intrigues her and consumes her. The body has disappeared by the time she brings others to the scene.

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