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What Can(t) Wait - Ashley Hope Pérez What Can't Wait by Ashley Hope Perez is a story that will resonate with teens from Texas (the setting of the story) to Chicago (where the second language spoken is Spanish, followed closely by Polish).

In this realistic tale, seventeen-year-old Marisa is attending high school, trying to continue getting good grades so she can attend college, working long hours at the local super-store to help with the family finances, and balancing a soon-to-be boyfriend and best girlfriend.

There are many ways in which this book, with its superb plot, writing style and characters, stands out from many young adult books about Hispanic teens. Marisa's gritty reality is that her older brother is a mechanic and happy to repair an extra transmission a week for additional money. Her sister married too young, has a volitile marriage to a loser, and also has a young daughter who hears too much arguing and cursing and sees too much drinking and drug abuse to be a happy youngster.

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