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Everything Goes: On Land - Brian Biggs Everything Goes on Land by Brian Biggs is a wonderful picture book full of brightly colored illustrations and lots of great specific vocabulary words about vehicles that go on land.

It's the story of a father and his son, traveling in their little purple car, talking about all the different kinds of moving things they pass as they travel through a city.

It's quite cleverly done with some animal characters and some people who are obviously important and unusual characters in addition to the father and son. A bird wearing a hat, dogs everywhere, a guy in striped pants on rollerskates with a yo-yo, a robot and much more are there to discover after the vehicles have been seen and identified.

The first "city" page is filled with cars. Station wagons, hatchbacks, electric cars, antique cars and convertible sports cars are just a few of them. The next page continues with race cars, jeeps, taxicabs, police cars and more. The next page is a picture of the car the father and son are riding in with a diagram of how the engine and wheels work as well as a text explanation.

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