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A Million Suns - Beth Revis A Million Suns (the Across the Universe trilogy) by Beth Revis is a wondrous sequel to the first book.

It continues the story of Elder and Amy -- both on the Godspeed -- a huge ship traveling toward another "Earth" for the thousands of passengers to settle. They have been traveling for hundreds of years, and generations have been born and have died on the ship.

Amy is "unfrozen" by Elder by accident, and she awakens into a strange world. Her parents are still in cryogenic state and will not be unfrozen until they reach their destination, by which time Amy will be an old woman.

Not only is she a person in a different time, the people on the ship are monoethnic -- physical differences have been bred out of them so they all look alike with dark hair and skin -- and Amy has pale skin, bright red hair and green eyes which make her stand out. Some call her "freak."

The second story continues directly from the first story, not giving much in the way of a recap. For that reason, those who read Across the Universe when it first came out may want to get it out, dust it off, and reread it.

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