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Shattered Dreams - Ellie James Shattered Dreams by Ellie James is this author's debut novel. It's a paranormal mystery that takes place in New Orleans, and it has a heavy dose of romance laced throughout the story.

The murder mystery is well done, and despite a few minor typos, the writing is good, and the first person narrative is realistic.

Trinity, the main character, has lived most of her life with her grandmother in a remote town in Colorado. When her grandmother dies, she moves to New Orleans to live with her only remaining relative, her aunt. Although her aunt seems truly caring, for some reason Trinity feels she can't confide in her, and throughout the book Trinity keeps running away from her.

That's one of the confusing and perhaps illogical parts of the plot. Even though an acquaintance of Trinity's has been kidnapped, Trinity keeps running off alone into the night and venturing into some not-so-savory neighborhoods. Questionable plot element.

It's like the movie where the girl walks into the dark basement where everyone knows the killer or the monster is waiting. Somehow, Trinity feels that she has to do it all alone, and that might be believable if a reason for such reckless courage had been suggested.

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