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Showoff - Gordon Korman Showoff by Gordon Korman is the fourth book in the fabulous Swindle series (with the adorable, slightly goofy-looking Doberman on the cover of each) featuring the man-with-the-plan, Griffin Bing and his wonderful friends.

In this touching tale, Luthor, the Doberman who is not goofy at all in the "real" world of the story, causes a ruckus at a dog show, injuring the most famous multiple award-winning dog, who was on her way to becoming a four-time National Champion.

A lawsuit for millions forces Savannah's family to give Luthor (a former guard dog who is rescued by Savannah in the first of the books) to the local shelter. Savannah is under no illusions about what will happen if Luthor is not adopted.

Griffin decides to rescue Luthor, and his plan is brilliant, if not believable. And that lack of plausibility is played to the hilt for humor -- but Gordon Korman makes it all work beautifully.

Those who have read the first books and fallen in love with the characters, their individual quirks (Griffin's best friend, Ben, suffers from narcolepsy and has a ferret to wake him when he falls asleep during the day), Griffin's inventor father and his inventions (which always manage to save the day), and the twisted plots which almost always involve the grownups learning about everything a day too late.

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