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First Day on Earth - Cecil Castellucci First Day on Earth by Cecil Castellucci is an unusual young adult book. It has a strong message, but it's a very mysterious story.

Mal, whose father abandoned Mal and his mother, live together. Mal's mother is a drunk with mental problems and he cares for her but gets no support from her. Mal really gets no support from anyone and that's the biggest problem.

He is alone. Mal feels totally alone in the world. Except for the aliens who abducted him and probed him, examined him, and communicated with him during a three-day period when he disappeared. He was found miles from where he disappeared and it was blamed on a seizure or breakdown. But Mal knows what it really was.

He feels so alone that he wishes the aliens would get him and take him away from his loneliness.

But Mal also loves animals and is constantly finding homeless animals and taking them to the shelter for safety. The veterinarian there befriends him, as does her daughter, Posey, who seems like one of the perfect people at school. Mal finds out that perhaps the reason he has no friends is that he is the one holding everyone at a distance, so the real problem is not simply that no one cares about him.

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