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Beauty and the Werewolf - Mercedes Lackey Beauty and the Werewolf by Mercedes Lackey is another addition to her Five Hundred Kingdoms series.

In this series, the reader learns about "Tradition," that mindless entity that forces people into predestined roles according to different tales. An orphaned daughter might be a "Cinderella" or she might be pushed to fall in love with a prince. The problem is when the role isn't supported by the people around (an infant prince, for example).

There is also the problem of free will. Perhaps a young woman doesn't really want to fall in love with the prince (who may not be such a nice guy after all). Are her feelings genuine or is it simply that pesky "tradition" forcing her along?

In this story, Bella, a strong, practical young woman with a stepmother and two stepsisters (although she's not quite Cinderella) gets bitten by a wolf -- a werewolf, she discovers -- and must be sequestered for three months.

Of course, being forced to live with a member of the minor royalty is not such a great hardship and she continues learning about herbs and healing, discovering in the process that she is rather gifted at magic.

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