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Guardians of Being - Eckhart Tolle Guardians of Being by Eckhart Tolle and Patrick McDonnell is a little gem of a book for any animal lover.

The iconic drawings of Patrick McDonnell (of Mutts) and the thoughts that Eckhart Tolle creates to accompany them are truly delightful.

"The vital function that pets fulfill in this world hasn't been fully recognized. They keep millions of people sane." And the dog in the illustration is looking back at the man at the other end of the leash and saying, "heal."

The message, told in many different ways, is to enjoy life, savor each moment, and simply BE.

"Dogs emanate a goodness that people respond to. One of the joys of walking your dog is that often people come up to you and immediately their hearts open. They are not interested in you, of course. They want to pat your dog." As any dog owner knows -- too true.

Walk a dog through a park and children will surround it. They won't even notice the person at the end of the leash -- it's all about the dog. And that's fine with the dog.

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