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Every Thing on It - Shel Silverstein Everything On It by Shel Silverstein showcases poems he wrote during his life but that he thought just didn't fit into any of the previous collections of poems published.

Most children, parents and educators are very familiar with his works for children. What many may not realize is that Shel Silverstein was a genius -- literally -- of the written word. He was a storyteller nonpareil.

He not only wrote the extensive collections of children's poems for which he is so revered in many circles, he was a songwriter who won two Grammys. One for his song "A Boy Named Sue" and the other for Best Recording for Children for Where the Sidewalk Ends.

In many cases, Silverstein's poems and illustrations are one work. The poem does not work without the accompanying illustration. For example:


My lazy foot
Just fell asleep
When I sat down to sup.
I yelled and screamed,
But on it dreamed.

Well, this should wake it up.

It doesn't make sense until you see the illustration of the man sitting, zzzzzzz's coming out of his toes, and a hammer poised over his head ready to strike the snoring digits.

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