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Never Have I Ever - Sara Shepard Never Have I Ever; A Lying Game Novel by Sara Shepard is the second in the story of Emma, a girl who finds her twin a little too late. Enjoyable, fast-paced and unpredictable, this book is a great choice for teens twelve and older.

Sutton, her twin, was murdered and Emma arrives in Tucson just in time to take Sutton's place under duress from the anonymous murderer. Her life is threatened if she doesn't, and she's determined to find out who killed her twin sister.

The story is narrated by Sutton, the dead twin. For some inexplicable reason, Sutton is tied to Emma and must follow her every move. It's an interesting device to show the differences in the twins, and the reader will find that Sutton, in life, was not a nice person.

Of course, the dead Sutton cannot remember much and what she does remember comes back in sporadic flashbacks -- scenes that serve to both illuminate and further mystify the reader.

Emma, on the other hand, makes a much better Sutton that the original. She is nicer to Sutton's sister, Laurel, gets better grades, and makes better choices. But her main purpose in the deception is to unmask the killer while trying to stay alive.

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