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The Midnight Zoo - Sonya Hartnett The Midnight Zoo by Sonya Hartnett is a touching story about two Gypsy boys who escape with their baby sister when the Nazis round up their family and take them away. (Although the setting is World War II, the setting could also be anywhere in the world where there is war, today or fifty years ago.)

Andrej and his brother, Tomas, run across the country caring for Wilma, their infant sister. Andrej saw what the soldiers did to his uncle, shooting him without a second thought. He doesn't understand such a cavalier attitude toward life.

The young family runs through burnt out towns and past a sad and broken populace. They are shaken by the cruelty of the Nazis and by the callousness of some of the people they encounter.

In one of the story's ironies, Andrej's father tells him, "This is the gadje's war, Andrej," he said. "It's got nothing to do with the Rom. Let the gadje fight each other if they want to; their quarrel won't involve us."

Like many during that time, those who thought that the war didn't involve them soon found out differently.

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