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Variant - Robison Wells Variant by Robison Wells is a young adult book that will excite even reluctant readers.

The story begins when Benson Fisher, a boy who has been bounced from foster home to foster home, finally gets a scholarship to an exclusive private school.

It's almost painful to read about Benson's excitement and anticipation before he gets to the school because the reader knows that the school is not what he thinks it will be. Although the two extremely high walls, one of which is topped with barbed wire, seem strange, nothing could have prepared him for what lies within.

Maxfield Academy is far from an exclusive private academy. Once inside the doors, it's virtually a prison. There are no teachers, no adults, and no real learning.

The students take orders from a computer screen with no idea who is behind the monitor. The doors are controlled remotely and when a student breaks one of the four rules, he or she is sent to "detention" and never returns.

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