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Mozart's Last Aria - Matt Rees Mozart's Last Aria by Matt Rees is a combination historical fiction/mystery novel. This is not your run-of-the-mill pot-boiler, though. It's much more complex --and even rather magical.

Readers will be surprised to see a different Mozart when seen through the letter his sister, Maria Anna (affectionately known as Nannerl), writes so that the truth might be known about her brother's death.

The story opens when Nannerl is dying. Mozart's son, Leopold, soon reads the letter he finds that Nannerl wrote. In the letter is another letter that Nannerl received from Constanze, Mozart's wife, when Mozart died in 1791. Constanze tells Nannerl that Mozart told her he was poisoned, even though the doctors claim otherwise.

Nannerl decides that she must go to Vienna to investigate. The rest of the story is Nannerl explaining what happened and what she uncovered. The reader will learn about Mozart's estrangement from his once much-loved sister because Mozart fled from their father's controlling nature.

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