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Draw the Dark - Ilsa J. Bick Draw the Dark by Ilsa J. Bick is an unusual book for young adults. It's a combination of historical fiction, psychological fiction, fantasy and mystery all rolled up into one very interesting read.

The protagonist, Christian, is a different kind of kid. He has few friends, the townspeople think he's odd, and -- worst of all -- he thinks he's almost a kind of monster. Because he thinks he caused the death of his second grade teacher and his aunt (and perhaps he did), he suffers emotionally.

Christian also doesn't sleep well. While he is sleeping and dreaming, he is actually doing things -- sleepwalking? Or acting as a conduit for a boy who lived half a century ago? He paints, he defaces barns, he draws, all while asleep. Christian gets his opportunity to find out about the mysterious images that he depicts and that he sees in his dreams when his class begins a history project on their town, Winter.

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