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Seizure - Kathy Reichs Seizure by Kathy Reichs is the sequel to the first of the Virals novels. Tory Brennan, the niece of Temperance Brennan, of "Bones" fame, lives on a fairly remote island near Charleston with her scientist father after the accidental death of her mother.

Tory has a close group of friends who live on the island, too. In the first book they were all infected with a mutant type of canine parvovirus that has caused them to have unique abilities -- canine-like abilities. Tory's abilities seem the strongest in some ways, perhaps becauses she is the alpha of their friendly wolf-ish group. She can, in moments of stress, cause them to link mentally.

In this story, the island and institute where the group's parents work is in danger of being sold because of the poor economy. Desperate to not be separated from her "pack," Tory decides to search for a pirate's treasure.

The story gets more involved and interesting when it seems that perhaps Tory is linked to the female pirate, Anne Bonney, not only by physical characteristics but also by surname. Finding Bonney's treasure becomes more than just a way to save the island. Tory begins to feel as if it is hers by birthright.

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