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Beautiful Chaos - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl Beautiful Chaos, the third book in the Caster Chronicles series, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, has legions of fans. Teens adore the supernatural love story of Mortal Ethan Wate and Caster Lena Duchannes.

The first person narrator continues to be Ethan, the protagonist. The small Southern town of Gatlin comes to life, complete with church-going mothers, mean cheerleaders, housekeepers who whip up delicious fried chicken and sweet tea, ancient aunts who dabble in the "otherworld," and evil living in the heart of it all.

The world is coming to an end in this third book, with biblical-type plagues: horrible bugs who eat everything, drought, and violent acts of nature like earthquakes and storms (that really aren't just earthquakes and storms, but evil events caused by evil people).

Lena and her family's supernatural powers are on the fritz -- they never know when they'll work or how they'll work. Ethan's nightmares become stranger and stranger, and strangest of all is that he seems to be forgetting things that he's known forever, like his phone number. He suspects that Amma, the housekeeper, knows why, but she isn't talking.

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