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Frost - Wendy Delsol Frost by Wendy Delsol is a worthy sequel to Stork, her first young adult fantasy. In Stork, the reader meets Katla, a teenager who discovers that she's a member of an ancient society with mystical powers. Her boyfriend, Jack, has special powers of his own.

In Frost, Delsol delves much more into the mystical aspect of the two teenagers and the mysticism of the world they inhabit. There are selkies, mermaids, and other magical creatures that Katla learns might just be more than legends.

Katla comes into her own in this story. When she wishes for a white Christmas, Jack is happy to oblige. Her wish backfires when the snow storm turns into a record-breaking snowfall.

A scientist comes to investigate -- a tall, gorgeous scientist who charms all those around her -- except for Katla, of course. When Jack is mesmerized (enchanted, literally) by Brigid, who is really The Snow Queen (and whom Katla never trusted), it's Katla who must rescue Jack. Quite the fairy tale role-reversal. And nicely done.

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