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Ashfall - Mike Mullin Ashfall by Mike Mullin is another foray into a future world where an apocolyptic event has threatened the lives of people everywhere. This book is not to be confused with Ashes, another recent young adult release, about an electromagnetic pulse that destroys the world as we know it. Interestingly, the protagonist in both books is named Alex -- a girl in Ashes, and a boy in Ashfall.

In this story, the volcanic caldera under Yellowstone National Park erupts in a catastrophic event that would change weather, block the sun for months, maybe years, and cost thousands or even millions of lives.

Alex, whose parents have left him for the weekend to visit family a few hours east of the Iowa border in Illinois, is alone when the catastrophe hits.

Mullin has taken great care in his research about what might happen should a volcano as large as the one under Yellowstone erupt. It's not a pretty picture. Especially surprising to those who have not researched this kind of event is how noisy it would be. Ash in the air, yes, that is expected. But deafening noises for days? That's unexpected.

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