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Wallace - Jim Gorant "Wallace: The Underdog Who Conquered a Sport, Saved a Marriage, and Championed Pit Bulls -- One Flying Disc at a Time" by Jim Gorant is another dog story. Gorant wrote "The Lost Dogs" about the Michael Vick dogs and it's still one of the best books out there about the Vick story.

In "Wallace," Gorant introduces us to another pit bull. This dog starts life in a home where his future is unknown -- perhaps to be sold as a fighting dog, or perhaps to end up as a bait dog. With Wallace's personality, it's more probable he would have ended up as a fighting dog.

Gorant doesn't delve into what might have happened. What did happen is a story of a difficult dog who barely escaped being killed at a shelter. It's the story of a dog that most people would have given up on. He was that hard to live with and to train.

It's also the story of a wonderful, caring young couple who love animals. They believe that once you make a commitment to an animal, you keep that promise. Although Wallace tried their patience over and over, they didn't give up on him.

The story illustrates the lengths to which Roo and Clara, the couple who first fostered, then adopted Wallace, went in making Wallace the world's champion canine disc dog.

To be honest, the part that struck me and stayed with me the most is the beginning. It's heartbreaking how a dog who grew up in a home -- a dog like Wallace -- can change simply by being in a shelter atmosphere.

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