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The Trinity Game - Sean Chercover "The Trinity Game" by Sean Chercover is a most unusual and intellectually pleasing -- and challenging -- suspense novel. It raises religious and philosophical issues which are quite profound, issues which most novels of the genre would not even dare approach.

There are actually two protagonists here. One is Daniel Byrne, a young Catholic priest whose job for the church is to investigate and debunk miracle claims all around the world. Daniel lost both his parents when he was an infant and was raised by an uncle who was a traveling preacher and evangelist, a con man. His "stage" name is Tim Trinity.

Daniel deserted his uncle at the age of thirteen and began a lifetime of looking for a true miracle in order to renew the faith he had lost upon realizing that his uncle was a fraud and a scam artist. Good at it, too. Trinity is the second protagonist.

After fourteen years as a priest, Daniel is assigned by the church to investigate his own uncle. Trinity had always spoken in tongues as part of his act, but lately his particular tongues have emerged as an apparent miracle. Not only is he speaking perfect English backwards, but his utterances, when decoded, are prophecies. And all of them are one hundred percent correct, down to every fantastic detail. Now Daniel becomes a supporter instead of a debunker. Trinity is scamming no more. He is a walking miracle.

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