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Look Look Outside! - Peter Linenthal "Look Look Outside" by Peter Linenthal is a board book that infants and toddlers will love to both look at and read (the toddlers, not the infants) over and over. The drawings are works of art -- in the style of op art -- that are simple yet cleverly designed.

The book is done in black, white and green. The style is simple. Except for the front cover, the print is green and the drawings are black and white. But what great drawings they are.

Each page has simple text, and the sentences fill more than one page. Often, the black and white illustrations on facing pages are almost reverse images of each other.

Infants will love the black and white shapes and figures. Toddlers will love the simple words that go with the striking illustrations. Older children (three to five) will enjoy talking about the differences in the illustrations on the facing pages.

For example, two facing pages have the words, "Ladybugs fly." On the first page with the word "Ladybugs," the ladybug is black and white on a white background. On the second page with the word "fly," the ladybug is on a black background, and the lines and spots on the ladybug are the mirror image and reversed in color from the first page.

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