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Rise of the Elgen (Michael Vey, #2)

Rise of the Elgen (Michael Vey, #2) - Richard Paul Evans "Michael Vey: Rise of the Elgen" by Richard Paul Evans is the sequel to "Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25." In this book, even more than the first, there is nonstop action and adventure. Improbable? Absolutely. Great fun to read? Absolutely.

Michael Vey is a teenager with unusual powers -- electric powers. In this second book, he finds out just how special and strong his powers are. He is aided now by Taylor, a popular cheerleader from his high school who also has electric powers.

In the first book, Michael, Taylor, Ostin (Michael's best friend and a genius), and a few other characters are imprisoned by a ruthless doctor who had inadvertently created the electric children (there are more of them) when they were infants. He has plans to rule the world using them to gain power. Get it? Power - electricity. In his mind power (electricity) does equal political power. Gain control of enough of the world's electricity by providing it cheaply, and then threaten to take it away.

In the first book, Michael's mother was kidnapped. He managed to get away from the "school" where he was imprisoned but he didn't know where his mother was being held.

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