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Hard Target

Hard Target - Howard Gordon Hard Target by Howard Gordon is his second novel. Among his many accomplishments, Gordon was the exective producer and writer for The X-Files and is an Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning writer who has done a great deal of work in Hollywood.

His vast experience shines through the pages of this novel, which is also the second involving his hero Gideon Davis, an ex-diplomat and presidential advisor.

Gideon is also an adventurer and one tough hombre. The plot of the novel involves his team-up with his brother Tillman, whom Gideon had rescued from a prison term in Gordon's first novel, Gideon's War.

The other characters include a couple of love interests, a very sympathatic young war hero, and two crazed villains -- the terrorists -- who believe that the destruction of the US government will make them eternal heroes.

The characters here are well drawn and the dialogue is excellent. The plot is cleverly contrived and suspenseful as Gideon and Tillman work together to stop a domestic terrorist plot to destroy all the most important members of the American government by attacking the Capitol building with a cyanide gas leak during the State of the Union address.

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