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Echo - Alyson Noel "Fated" by Alyson Noel began the series with the story of Daire Santos, thought to be psychotic because she sees things. Finding someone understanding in her grandmother, she learns that she is a Seeker, someone with special powers to see different worlds.

In "Echo," the second novel in the series, Daire and Dace, her boyfriend, must fight an evil family that is determined to destroy the world. Specifically, they must fight Dace's evil twin, Cade, whose powers get stronger and stronger.

There is magic galore in these pages: prophecies, demons, undead, and shape-shifters. Daire and Dace's love for each other turns into a kind of magic that serves to strengthen their enemy, Cade (notice the clever anagrams of each other's names).

As Daire's powers also get stronger, she becomes a more likable person. In the first book, she was barely able to tolerate her mother -- a woman with many issues of her own. In this book, because of her ability to sense what others are feeling, she senses her mother's insecurity and her sadness and is able to treat her with much more kindness than before.

Daire's friends also come through for her by helping her and protecting her. A word of advice for those who read "Fated" a long time ago. Reread it. There are many names in these books, and it's good to review them before reading "Echo."

The revelations in this book are many, and they will not be spoiled here. But suffice to say that Daire shows how unselfish she is at the end of this book. Her love for others and her desire to do the right thing are virtually absolute.

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