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Tokyo Heist - Diana  Renn "Tokyo Heist" by Diana Renn is a shining success, from the cover of the book, with its title encased in what looks like neon yellow police tape, to the final page with its satisfying and touching conclusion.

The story is about Violet, who is a different kind of 16-year-old. She loves manga, wearing scarves made from kimonos, and anything Japanese.

So when her artist father (with whom she's spending the summer) is offered a job painting a mural in Japan, she is thrilled that she gets to go, too.

Before they leave, there is a robbery, her father's house is broken into, and the Japanese mafia are seen following her dad's girlfriend.

Violet becomes involved when she decides she'd like to find out where the missing artwork (a Van Gogh painting) went. She also includes the story of what is happening to her and those around her in a series of manga drawings -- her hobby.

Her observations and conclusions help the authorities figure out what is happening.

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