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Dreamless - Josephine Angelini "Dreamless" by Josephine Angelini is the eagerly awaited sequel to "Starcrossed." This young adult series is in the new fantasy fad: Greek gods and goddesses.

In the first book, Angelini introduces the main characters and the plot basics. Helen, an unbelievably beautiful girl (who turns out to be, yes, that Helen), feels an incredible antagonism toward Lucas Delos, a handsome newcomer to the small high school on Nantucket Island.

Helen has known that she is different from those around her, but she's never known why until she meets the Delos family and finds out who she really is.

The reasons are explained, and when Helen saves Lucas's life they are free to fall in love (the compulsion to kill each other is gone). The second book dives right in where the first book ends. It's definitely worth skimming "Starcrossed" quickly before beginning "Dreamless." Otherwise, although Angelini makes a masterful attempt to explain what's happening, there are still gaps that need filling in.

"Dreamless" begins slowly. Like many middle books in trilogies, part of it seems to be a "placeholder" until the finale. But Angelini manages to keep some mystery going from the start. Zach, a friend of Helen's, is under the control of a mysterious creature. Just what that creature is, isn't revealed until later in the story. And the story does pick up its pace in the middle of the book.

Helen's journeys to the Underworld become more interesting because she has a new companion -- a new character, Orion. He's definitely an alternative love interest to Lucas, and readers will be hard put to decide which one they are rooting for. They both are just so darned nice.

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