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Every Cowgirl Loves a Rodeo - Rebecca Janni, Lynne Avril "Every Cowgirl Loves a Rodeo" by Rebecca Janni and illustrated by Lynne Avril is the third picture book in the series about Nellie Sue and her cowgirl flair.

While her friend is decked out in beads and a tutu, Nellie Sue prefers a big pink cowgirl hat, bandanna and gloves with real fringe. She's a cowgirl from her head to her two-wheeled "horse," Beauty.

Her nemesis? The neighborhood cowboy, A. J. Pickett, with his "Rodeo King" button and blue ribbons from the county fair.

When the rodeo comes to town, Nellie Sue, Anna and A. J. are excited to go. A. J. and Nellie Sue enter the Bike Rodeo.

Nellie Sue rides like the wind on Beauty, galloping around the markers and sitting tight in the saddle. A. J. gives her a thumbs-up for her good riding, and she and Anna lead Beauty to the sidelines to cool her off.

When it's A. J.'s turn to ride, a goat escapes into the ring. Eager to help her friend, Nellie Sue jumps in and chases that goat with her bandanna waving like a lasso. She distracts the goat and enables A. J. to finish the race.