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The Dog Who Danced - Susan  Wilson Susan Wilson wowed the book world with her incredibly touching book 'One Good Dog.' Her second book, 'The Dog Who Danced' is the story of three people and a dog. A very special dog.

The characters in 'The Dog Who Danced' are very different from the main character in 'One Good Dog.' In her first book, the main character was a very successful (financially) man who was very unsuccessful in his personal life.

The main character in this book, Justine Meade, is unsuccessful in both her personal and business lives. Her only real success is her dog, Mack, whom she has taught to dance with her at expositions and demonstrations. Mack is the love of her life, and when she loses him, she is bereft. Her part of the story is told in first person narrative, which seems to make her the main character.

The story also features Ed and Alice Parmalee, an older couple who live a quiet life. After many years of married life with no children, they finally had a daughter whom they cherished. She died at a young age and since then, the Parmalees have been drifting apart. Then they find Mack. The Parmalees' story is told in third person narrative, alternating with Justine's story.

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