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Tempest - Julie Cross Tempest by Julie Cross needs a warning on the front cover: Beware, once you start this book you will be unable to stop reading!

Honestly, the rollercoaster ride back and forth through time will have readers feeling as if they are clinging to Jackson, the main character, to keep up.

Movie rights have already been sold to Tempest -- and it’s no wonder. The story grabs the reader in many ways. The characters are beautifully portrayed, the plot never slows down and the twists would put a pretzel to shame.

There are many questions that Jackson, a college sophomore, has. First and most compelling is why can he travel in time? And why is all the information “out there” about time travel wrong? He can’t change the past and nothing he does in the past changes the present.

As soon as one puzzle is solved, another appears. Who are the guys who show up in his girlfriend’s dorm room? Holly, his girlfriend, is shot and Jackson travels into the past to try to stop the shooting from happening.

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