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Clarity - Kim Harrington Clarity by Kim Harrington is a paranormal mystery about a girl named Clarity (Clare) who is presented with a murder that must be solved so that her brother is not accused of the crime.

The book is written in first person narrative and readers will enjoy Clare's witty, sarcastic and self-deprecating humor.

It begins in a seaside town on Cape Cod in the summer. Clare is happy to be done with school -- where because of her paranormal abilities, she has no friends -- but she has to work at the "family business," doing psychic readings for tourists.

It's bad enough that she is teased and bullied at school for her family's unusual calling (freak is one of the names), but it seems like torture to have to stay inside during the summer months when Clare loves being on the beach.

Adding to Clare's bad mood is the fact that she broke up with her boyfriend because of something she found out -- not the old fashioned way -- but from touching his jacket and "reading" what he had done the night before.

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