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The Reversal - Michael Connelly The Reversal by Michael Connelly is another in a series of terrific pieces of contemporary crime fiction by this author. The Reversal gives us the bonus of two fascinating main characters. One of them is the police investigator Harry Bosch, and the other is defense attorney-turned-prosecutor (for this novel) Mickey Haller.

Haller is persuaded by the California DA to take on the case - as prosecutor - of a new trial for a possible murderer who has been imprisoned for twenty-four years after being found guilty of the murder of a twelve-year-old girl.

There has been a campaign to free the murderer, Jason Jessup, because of new DNA evidence which indicates that the sperm found on the dress of the dead girl is not Jessup's, but rather that of the dead girl's stepfather.

The DA's office, however, still feels that Jessup is the murderer. They know that the prosecution in the first trial was in several ways incompetent even though Jessup had been found guilty. Therefore, they want to bring in an independent investigator for the new trial for Jessup -- on which they insist.

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