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Cat Found - Ingrid Lee Cat Found by Ingrid Lee follows her previous book, Dog Lost (Chicken House, 2008), and has a similar message. There are a lot of misguided people out there who jump on the bandwagon to hate pit bulls, stray or feral cats, or whatever innocent creature is next on hated list.

Cat Found begins with a newpaper article about a woman who was found semiconscious in her home surrounded by at least fifty cats. Most were in terrible condition and eleven dead cats were found in the freezer. Neighbors were appalled and the Animal Services overwhelmed with the influx of cats.

Lee hooks the reader with the sad plight of an abandoned cat. Unused to living outside, she doesn't know how to feed herself. When a vicious boy throws stones at her, cutting one of her paws, she hides. Getting sicker and sicker, she finally runs into Billy, a boy trying to survive his parents' arguments and hostility. Billy's father hates cats, but Billy's kind heart can't let the cat die, so he sneaks her into his bedroom.

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