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Insatiable - Meg Cabot Insatiable, by Meg Cabot, is a wonderful vampire book that young adult and adult readers will love. It's a vampire book with a twist. It's also quite a humorous book with dialogue that will have you laughing out loud. Here is an excerpt:

"Ever since I left you this morning," Lucien said, "I've had the oddest sensation that I know how almost every human I've come into contact with is going to die. And not, whatever you might think of me, by my own hands. Would you care to tell me what, exactly, is going on?"

Meena let out a sigh. "It's me," she said. "It'll probably go away after your next feeding."

His grip on her tightened. "What are you talking about?" he rasped.

"You drank my blood," she reminded him. "This should teach you to be more careful. You are what you eat, you know."

Meena, the main character, has an unusual trait: she can sense how people will die. This earns her the dubious title of "You're Gonna Die Girl." And, although she can help those she is close to avert their doom, she still is wracked with guilt about the ones who die anyway.

Insatiable has adventure, romance, soap operas (she writes for one), and it's just plain good reading. You will laugh, you will not want to stop reading, but you will not cry (it's just not that kind of book.)


Be sure to visit Meg Cabot's website. It's just like the book: amusing, clever and quite a pleasant experience.