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The Boy Who Cried Ninja - Alex Latimer "The Boy Who Cried Ninja" by Alex Latimer is not your typical "Boy Who Cried Wolf" story. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

It's a clever and touching story of a boy who tells the truth, but who is never believed. His mother asks him what happened to the last slice of cake. Tim, the main character, responds, "It was a ninja." And he describes how "First, the ninja crept into the house...then he kicked it into the air and ate it in one bite."

He explains what happened to the missing hammer. "An astronaut landed in the yard and needed it to fix his spaceship...He's got your hammer."

And responding to his grandfather's question about his homework, Tim tells the truth, "A giant squid ate my whole book bag while I was off buying an ice cream."

Poor Tim. No one believes him. So rather cleverly, Tim decides to lie so that no one would be mad at him. But that doesn't work. So Tim starts to problem-solve.

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